What is Working Equitation?

In the past two years Kat has had the opportunity to learn about and start competing in Working Equitation. This fabulous sport consists of four trials: Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed, and Cattle. It is a sport that tests the training and trust between a horse and rider while being incredibly fun and rewarding! 

Kat is offering introductory clinics for Working Equitation at Catamount Ridge and at your farm. Check us out on Facebook for upcoming events.

Catamount Ridge will be hosting clinics with Working Equitation Gurus throughout the year.

Are you a NEWE?

Kat co-founded New England Working Equitation, Inc, a nonprofit organization and group member of the US Confederation for Working Equitation. Want to learn more about the sport, check out the comprehensive website www.newenglandwe.com

and please support us by becoming a member!