We offer training board at Catamount Ridge at a rate of $1100 a month. This is a small facility that focuses on providing a high quality personalized care as well as kind and effective training. Your horse will be worked 4-5 days a week for up to an hour as weather and each horses' fitness allows. We feed high quality, New York hay, Poulin Grain and Speedi-Beet. Each horse has their own automatic waterer, in their own run-in stall with outdoor access 24/7, we do not offer pasture and horses are not turned out together. Any specialized diet or supplements must be provided by you with clear instructions. We have a large outdoor arena, a round pen, and woods trails.

Kat will teach private or semi private lessons or training sessions at Catamount Ridge Farm for $60 an hour.

Kat is also available to teach clinics on a number of themes for your farm or club as her schedule allows.

About Kat


Kat started riding at the age of three and a few years later became known at the barn and in Pony Club as the kid who can ride the tough ponies, this was when Kat learned she wanted to be a horse trainer. At this time Kat participated heavily in the Pentucket Pony Club with a main focus competing in Three-Day Eventing. 

After a move to Brownsville, Vermont; Kat’s competitive focus shifted to distance riding where she competed successfully in both Competitive Trail and Endurance.


 In 2002 Kat went to Parachute, Colorado to participate in a clinic at John Lyons’ ranch to confirm her interest in attending the Certification Program, taught by Josh Lyons.  Josh invited Kat to the 2003 Certification Program because she showed “a fierce work ethic and dedication to horses and training”.  In October of 2003 Kat graduated at the top of her class qualifying her for the elite group of “Select” certified trainers.  This was truly an honor because Kat is the youngest person ever to be Lyons certified. 



Kat has been training full time since graduating the certification program while competing in dressage, competitive trail, and most recently, Working Equitation.

Today, Kat resides in Perkinsville, Vermont with her husband Matt, their Morgans, dogs, and cat.