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Kat Waters, a Lyons Legacy Certified Trainer, has been training and competing horses of all types in a variety of disciplines for twenty years. Kat has a passion for bringing green horses along in a way that lets them enjoy their work, making them more enjoyable and marketable. She is equally passionate about teaching owners to train and enjoy their horses. The training facility at Catamount Ridge Farm offers a safe and friendly environment to develop your horse and your relationship with your horse.


We all work hard to provide our horses with a comfortable and healthy life. We should be able to enjoy the time we spend with them and feel like they are happy in their work.

What makes a horse unhappy in his work? Aside from physical pain, confusion in communication is the most stressful issue most horses deal with; Kat uses the Josh and John Lyons' conditioned response methods to train gently but clearly. Repetition of clear cues and releases that say "Yes! That's what I'm looking for!" gives the horse confidence in his work. When a horse knows he can give the correct answer, he is free to enjoy the partnership.


Our Facility

We have created a facility that we believe offers a calm but interesting atmosphere for our trainees. We offer a large fenced, outdoor arena, a round pen, and woods trails. We have a variety of obstacles to use in the arena.

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Catamount Ridge Farm

Perkinsville, Vermont 05151, United States

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